While accuracy and data integrity are cornerstones of Flores quality, the pursuit of timely participant communication is at heart of our service model.

  • ✓ Delivering timely information to participants drives our vision for participants to enjoy a meaningful "employee benefit" experience.
  • ✓ Participants enrolled in reimbursement plans want to enjoy the "benefits" they have selected with the least amount of hassle.
  • ✓ By proactively ensuring reimbursements on a predetermined schedule, employees do not have to "chase" their money.
  • ✓ Clients receive account information and reporting in a seamless and predictable manner.
  • ✓ Clients realize the benefits of partnering with a firm that shares the same desire to see satisfied employees.
  • ✓ Employees electing COBRA continuation coverage are treated with respect as they move through an uncomfortable career transition.
  • ✓ Flores serves as extension of our clients and we accept that role with honor.
  • ✓ Clients find that the systems and people involved in a relationship with Flores are available, efficient, accurate, accountable and responsive.

We evaluate our quality on exactly those criteria. Having operated and grown since 1986, our willingness to do things the right way and take responsibility for any mistakes means that we serve clients that have been with us for many years. We are often mentioned in the list of the best vendors or suppliers our clients know. We are humbled by that type of recognition and value. Such acknowledgement drives our word-of-mouth growth model.

Flores does not have a traditional sales force that is in search of sales on a monthly quota. Instead Flores first looks at our business knowing that growth is coming due to the positive reviews from our clients. Our focus is on continuous process improvements and training to set the stage for the growth that continues from positive conversations about Flores.