Flores & Associates, LLC was founded in 1986 to provide Human Resources consulting services such as compensation, benefits and selection to a broad cross section of small to mid-sized companies throughout the Southeast. The company has evolved over the last twenty-five years from its Human Resources consulting roots into a national leader in the field of consumer based reimbursement plans. Driven by our mission to achieve complete customer satisfaction and to gain expertise and improve our core competencies, Flores has been uniquely transformed from a generalist organization into a specialty services firm focused on consumer based employee reimbursement programs.

Our goal is to meet the needs of our clients by combining proactive service with leading edge technology. Long before the buzzwords of B2B (business-to-business) and B2E (business-to-employee) were circulated, Flores developed web-based services as part of our commitment to service excellence and in response to client feedback. In our quest for solutions through the use of innovative technology and in partnership with our clients, Flores continues to improve our browser-based systems. The bottom line is that we are in to results not buzzwords. We offer fully-developed, easy to use, interactive systems - not marketing shells. Our mission continues to be complete client satisfaction, and our 99% client retention rate is confirmation that we are on the right path.

Today, we have developed a national client base that numbers over 1,000 companies headquartered in over 33 states serving employees in all 50 states and several foreign countries through the use of our innovative technology. The services that we have developed and implemented for our clients cover the spectrum of Benefits Management and Communication.



Our modern facility in Charlotte, NC on South Church Street in the historic South End District was designed to reflect the bold vision that Flores brings to the clients we serve. The design elements reflect the clean, precise and symbolic nature of our technology center without sacrificing the human element that has propelled Flores to its place in our industry. The structure reflects the efficiency, professionalism and individuality that our clients have come to expect from Flores. This LEED Certified Silver facility allows us to showcase our processes, technology and staff. We are proud of our home and we hope that this commitment to our mission is shared by the clients we serve.

Flores Continues Green

With the building of our 21,000 square foot structure in 2010 and subsequent 7,500 square foot Fitness Center for our staff to enjoy, Flores increased their 'green' approach by building an innovative, Silver LEED building to house its Charlotte operation. Our new facility is designed beautifully and attention given to every detail. The building earned points for its certification by being an infill development, emphasizing natural light, installing solar collectors and including a roof top garden, employee showers and a fitness facility. There was also special attention given to save the large oak trees on the site. Many of the elements used in the interior of the building are made from recycled materials (i.e. cork flooring, sunflower seed surfaces). We are extremely proud of our new building and practices that have developed within our firm to give back to our environment.


These are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Flores & Associates and our services.
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How long has your company been administering flexible benefits plans?
FLORES & ASSOCIATES was founded in 1986 to provide Human Resources consulting services to a broad cross section of small to mid-sized companies throughout the Southeast. In the early '90s, the company evolved from its Human Resources consulting roots into a national leader in the field of Benefit Administration serving 1,000+ clients nationwide in the areas of FSA, COBRA, HRA, QTE, Dental/Vision Direct Reimbursement and Retiree Billing.
What is the average turnaround time per claim?
Properly completed manual claims are adjudicated within 24 hours of receipt. Reimbursements for dependent care and QTE claims are released in accordance with company payroll contribution cycles. Reimbursements for medical reimbursement, direct dental, HRA, and direct vision claims are released according to the schedule established at the option of the employer (weekly or bi-weekly). Medical reimbursement checks can also be issued on a daily basis if desired by the employer.
Please describe how confidentiality of claim information is maintained.
By contract, FLORES guarantees confidentiality. All internal processes and systems have been developed to maintain security. For example: all claims and correspondence are scanned into our systems, which are protected by encryption and passcodes. All claim information is archived and maintained according to ERISA and HIPAA regulations. All paper information is shredded weekly after it is scanned. Information available by the website is particularly sensitive regarding privacy as the on-line system does not access or include any medical information. Additionally, participants have the ability to establish their own PIN numbers.
Do you provide IRC mandated non-discrimination testing?
FLORES' professional fees include the three types of non-discrimination testing required by IRC Section 125 and IRC Section 129 (eligibility test, benefits test, and concentration test.) This testing is performed 60 days after the plan year commences to ensure the client has ample time to make adjustments if needed.
What is the location of the office(s) that will provide customer service? What is the staffing arrangement at that office(s)?
All of our administrative services are provided through our Charlotte, NC office. Through the use of state-of-the-art technology we have been able to efficiently manage all participant activity through one location. Below is an outline of how we are structured to meet our commitment to service excellence for our clients. Our philosophy is to make each position at FLORES & ASSOCIATES accountable to the client. The vertical integration of duties permits us to be flexible and provide cross-training to meet the needs of all of our clients. Everyone in the organization has "participant" responsibility, while each Account Manager also has responsibility for their set of Clients. This ensures that everyone can answer participant-centered questions and each client has their own personal contact. • Managing Partner - Overall accountability for client satisfaction, strategic planning and implementation for client-centered improvements. • VP InfoSystems - Coordinates all system issues including file transfers, WEB updates, IVR enhancements and customer-centered improvements. • Director of Quality Assurance - Executes strategic plans, monitors business controls and pursues continuous process improvements that ensure a high quality experience for participants, clients and employees. • Manager - Client Services - Responsible for providing technical guidance to Account Managers while managing own set of clients. Assists with enrollment meetings and claims questions. • Account Manager - Client specific responsibility along with customer service accountability. • Benefit Specialist - Customer service accountability along with claim processing duties.
Do you have a Web-based inquiry system? If so, describe.
Our 2 internet sites (www.Flores247.com and admin.flores247.com ) serve as a complete Information Center for both participants and the client administrator. The websites includes the following features: Participant website: www.flores247.com • Real-time access to account balance information for all pre-tax accounts • Pending claim status • Enter claims on-line in participant account • Upload receipt or substantiation via digital image files • Establish and change Direct Deposit arrangements on-line • Downloadable personalized reimbursement forms via Adobe Acrobat reader • E-mail capability to connect directly to Account Manager • Ability to provide FLORES with personal e-mail address to send plan related information • Flex calculator to perform "what if" scenarios • Ability to change personal PIN access Client administrator website: admin.flores247.com • Real time interface for report generation from the internal FLORES system • View transactions including deposits, covering amounts, and reassignments to company plan • Status change, termination and enrollment capability on a real time basis • Individual and company related information access and reporting capability • Update corporate contact information real time • Download copies of Plan Documents and Summary Plan Description • Single entry point for all FLORES plans • Choose desired access levels by location or global
What training do your Account Managers receive?
Company funded in-house training and professional development through outside seminars and continuing education via the Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS) program sponsored by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Information and education through the Employers Council on Flexible Compensation (ECFC) employees may pursue designations such as Flexible Compensation Specialist (FCS) or the Certified in Flexible Compensation (CFC) designation. Employees follow current industry trends via EBIA, ECFC and by conducting research through our subscription to EBIA/RIA Checkpoint.
Do you retain outside counsel for FSA consultation? If so, please describe this arrangement.
Yes. We have an ongoing retainer relationship with a leading national law firm specializing in Health & Welfare/ERISA.
Explain your claims processing system.
Our systems utilize OCR technology for imaging data and require little human intervention in the claims adjudication process. Our highly-efficient, automated claims process provides us with better record retention and immediate access to a participant's entire claims history. Claims may be submitted via U.S. Mail, Fax, Mobile App or online data entry and secure receipt upload. While Flores prefers claims submission by on-line claims entry and receipt upload or by fax and we provide toll-free fax lines for that purpose, all claims and documentation received by any means are date-stamped, numbered, scanned and electronically logged to the participant's file. If participant's e-mail addresses are provided to FLORES, the system generates an e-mail "receipt" advising that a claim has been received. The e-mail message includes the scheduled date when the claim will be adjudicated and the date when reimbursement will be released. Properly completed claims are automatically adjudicated within 24 hours of receipt and payment is released according to the client's reimbursement schedule. The system includes appropriate separation of duties, built-in logic/exception flags and internal audit controls.
Explain your check reimbursement process. Can you reimburse weekly?
Yes, we can reimburse medical reimbursement, direct dental, HRA, and direct vision claims on one of three frequencies (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). Medical reimbursement checks can also be issued on a daily basis if desired by the employer. Dependent care and QTE reimbursements are processed on-demand (daily). Generally, dependent care and QTE reimbursements coincide with the participant's payroll cycle as these reimbursements cannot exceed the year-to-date payroll contribution amount. Checks are mailed directly to participant's homes or can be bulk-mailed to the employer for distribution. Additionally, participants may opt to have reimbursements direct-deposited into their personal bank accounts.
Did you develop your own software? Do you own the source data? Are inside programmers available to make changes as required?
Yes we developed our own software, and we own the code. Our programmers are available immediately to make changes as required to our system and to respond to any requests from our clients. Our responsiveness to client-driven issues is a trademark of the firm.
What type of statements (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual) are provided to members with an FSA account?
A complete recap is provided with each Check or Direct Deposit confirmation issued to the participant. Also, each participant can access their password-protected account data real time through our internet based FSA Information Center (www.Flores247.com). We provide a 60 day participant statements via the 247 site. Employers have password-protected real-time access to aggregate participant information including balance reports through the administrator website 24 hours a day/7days a week.

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